Artist. Engineer. Road Racer.


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Sketching - Geometry - Perspective
Shading - Coloring

Spring/Summer 2020

Sharif I. Carter


Sharif defies traditional rules and paints with opague watercolors on wood panels. This technique, which he describes as "just water and paint, man", produces vivid imagery.

You’ll find Sharif’s work gracing the labels of award winning wines or illuminating the walls of fine restaurants and salons, but his true passion lies in live painting at nightclubs, bars, or any place where the atmosphere is electric and music fills the air. In his words, “the ultimate art studio”.

Sharif's passion for sharing his endeavors with the youth is most evident through his work with the Escondido Education COMPACT organization. Sharif uses his volunteering at COMPACT as an opportunity to give students insight into having careers in engineering and art.

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Sharif I. Carter

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