Pop-Up Art Exhibition - 2019


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Sharif defies traditional rules and paints with opague watercolors on wood panels. This technique, which he describes as "just water and paint, man", produces vivid imagery.

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You may visit sharifcarterart.com for availability and purchasing.

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Pop-Up Exhibition

On July 27th, automotive engineer and self-taught artist Sharif I. Carter will be taking over Keetchen's design showroom at 5712 W Pico Boulevard with a pop-up exhibition showcasing over 25 original paintings from his Mississippi Flush playing card series.

What is Mississippi Flush?

When you don't have a winning hand in poker and pull a revolver on your opponents. Subjects are icons from music and film who inspire and move me.

Playing cards don't mean shit. They are worn as a battle symbol or not worn at all. They may be reversed or upside down to represent my frustrations in life and defiance to follow rules.

Royal Flush is bit more tame. Subjects are inspired by the highly acclaimed animated series Batman Beyond where characters dress up as playing cards. You may see an occasional middle finger if I had a bad day at work.

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